Oil & Fluids: Working Hard for Your Car

Topping off or replacing your fluids can often get pushed to the bottom of your to-do list because it’s easy to forget how important they are. See why your brake fluid, transmission fluid, oil, and coolant really do to keep your Ford working like new.

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What are the Benefits of Oil & Fluid Changes?

Your fluids keep your brakes strong, your engine cool, and your transmission shifting without a lot of fuss. Changing your oil can prolong the life of your car’s engine, and using the right oil can even mean fewer trips to fill up your tank. Spongy brakes will take longer to stop the car, and sometimes those extra seconds count. If your coolant isn’t being changed out regularly, you risk overheating on the side of the road.

Keep your vehicle operating at peak performance when you give your fluids the attention they deserve. Changing them according to their factory recommendations will typically mean less maintenance down the line.

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