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Ford Maintenance 101

How many miles before my Ford needs an oil change?
Your car has its own factory recommended oil that comes with its own factory recommended changing schedule. When you visit Ford of Cookeville Service Site, you don’t have to keep track of any of that though. We contact you to let you know and make all the arrangements, so all you have to do is show up. Or check your owner’s manual to find out more about your make and model. You can also give us a call for a much faster experience than searching for your manual!
When should I replace the battery?
Batteries wear down for a number of reasons, so there is no perfect time frame to give. Checking the expiration date of the warranty is always your first line of defense. The warranty is a letter (A for January, B for February) followed by two numbers, which stands for the month and the year. So if your warranty date is C18, then it expires in March of 2018. If it’s E20, then it expires in May 2020.  If your car is nearing the date or it’s slow to start, it’s time to replace it. Or if you still think it’s running strong, at least bring it to the service center to have the strength tested.
What if my vehicle doesn’t start?
Your car may not start due to a dead battery, a broken timing belt, or a bad alternator or starter.
Testing for the problem at home is limited, but one thing you can do is use a voltmeter to see if it’s the battery. If your car is making a clicking sound when you try to turn the engine over, use a voltmeter on the battery. It needs to read at least 12 volts or above when the car is off and 10.5 volts or above when a friend or neighbor turns the key to the car. If it doesn’t, you likely have a starter problem. If the car makes no sounds when you turn it on, it could be a bad sensor, belt, or hose. Bring it into our service center right away for further testing.
What if my “Service Engine Soon” light turns on?
Sometimes the light turns on and goes off immediately due to a bad sensor. In this case, you don’t need to do anything. However, if it stays on, you’ll need to bring it in so a technician at Ford of Cookeville Service Site can hook it up to a diagnostic reader and get the details.

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How often do I need to buy or replace tires?
Those who drive their vehicles on rough roads at high speeds will need to replace their tires much more than the casual errand-runner. Soft rubber tires made just for highways will also wear down quickly. Always monitor your tire pressure, as well as the tread (use the tread bars or the penny test) so you’re less likely to have a blow-out. Or talk to a technician to find out more about the mileage recommendations for your specific brand of tires.
Do I need to align my tires when I get new ones?
No, but you do need to get it checked. Poor alignment causes your tires to wear down faster, which means your car has to work harder. Look for uneven wear patterns if you think your alignment is off.
What kind of tires should I get?
The tires you should get depend on how and where you drive. Talking to our technicians is the easiest way to figure out the perfect brand, size, and model for you.


When should I replace my belts and hoses?
This also depends on your car, and what you do with it. If you see any type of cracking or if they seem to have lost their tension, it’s time to get them replaced. Dry rotting, a shiny underside, or a soft-looking appearance are also clear signs they need to be changed.
What is the difference between OEM and generic parts?
Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) are parts that were made by Ford. Their specifications are made to fit into your car exactly, so there are no surprises when you’re out and about. Generic parts are made by other manufacturers, but their quality is not guaranteed. Ford of Cookeville only uses OEM parts, so you get the best in safety and repairs.

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In essence, SYNC brings voice activated control to your vehicle. Use the SYNC AppLink to choose apps with your voice, make a phone call, turn on the music and more. By using voice activated control, you can keep your eyes on the road and not have to worry about looking down at your control panel. While not all smartphones work with the SYNC system, a variety of smartphones do. Check with your Ford dealer about the SYNC system to learn more and to see if your current smartphone will work with the system.
When you want to drive hands free, the SYNC system is the answer. You can choose upgrades that build upon the basic SYNC technology. Make hands-free calls, or get 911 assist calls free of charge. By simply stating Bluetooth audio, you can get your music going from your smartphone or use the Sirius Satellite radio. With SYNC 3, you have the power of SIRI right in your vehicle. Use the commands with your smartphone just as you would while using SIRI without your vehicle. No matter which way you go with the SYNC app, you will have voice control and be able to make calls in a more safe manner.

SYNC Features

Does Your Car Have a Safety Recall?

Recalls have been in the news a lot lately. We know you have questions about the effect of these recalls on the safety of you and your passengers. We can’t service every vehicle with an open recall, but we can alert you if your vehicle has one.

Find out if your car is affected.

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